Evolution of our brand

Over the years, ECOGAS has evolved its corporate image to become a benchmark brand in the kitchen and gas cooker manufacturing sector.

Ahora en 2015 re-editamos nuestra marca y la denominamos ECOLINE, d e esta manera generamos el concepto de una marca más amplia que puede adaptarse al desarrollo de nuevas líneas de Electrodomésticos, ya sean Televisores, Congeladores, Refrigeradoras, Hornos y otros artefactos eléctricos.

The basic Communication standards will help us create multiple graphic elements suitable for the new specifications of each market, product and channel (customer, distributor, chain) without losing the brand recognition principle "Economy, Functionality and Durability".


The company Fibroacero S.A. was established in the city of Cuenca, Republic of Ecuador, on January 26, 1978 as a limited company with a family character.

The company begins its operations manufacturing fiberglass, which is why it assumes its name.

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We manage efficient operational and commercial processes, in the manufacture and commercialization of white goods, sustained in a good work environment, which allows us to react and respond promptly to the requirements of our clients.


Fibroacero will be recognized by:

  • Having a strong brand in the Ecuadorian market.

  • To have consolidated a distribution system for its own and complementary products.

  • To have improved its presence in the regional market.

  • To have established itself as the best alternative as a provider of manufacturing services for white goods in the region.